I am Back

A few years ago I started a blog. Due to life circumstance and other things it faded away before it even had a real life. Well now I am back and plan on staying with it this time. I have several future topics boiling around my head waiting to be put into real words. For now I will just introduce myself.

I am a 5o+ years old. I am Conservative. I am a Christian. I am  Male. I fully support the 2nd Amendment. I fully Support the entire Constitution. Although I really do not declare myself either Democrat or Republican In most Ideology I m closer to the Republican than Democrat.

The reason I named this blog the Rottweiler Perspective is because I have a lot in Common with the breed. I am wary of strangers and changes. If I get to know you and you treat me right I can be your best friend.  If you are part of my family / circle of loved ones I will fight for you to my last breath. Also, I am a bit hardheaded 🙂