Now broadcasting from a new location.

Well many things have changed since my last  post before today.  When I last checked in I had been unemployed almost 6 months and had given up on getting my appliance repair business off the ground. About a month  after that post I was cold called by a recruiter for a Multi- National company asking if I was interested in becoming a Service Tech ( for floor care equipment) for their US Service division. I asked for more details and was directed to their online job description. Two weeks later after several phone interviews I accepted a offer and 1 week after that I was flying to NJ for orientation and initial training. Starting the end of May I hit the road in Colorado working and stayed mostly very busy up until first part of this year when a major customer opted to consolidate all their various repair and maintenance needs through a sole source provider. For quite awhile I was kinda hanging loose waiting on the company to make a decision on what direction to go. Eventually they offered me a transfer to a new location, it was a tough decision but they are a very good company to work for and being former military moving, although a hassle, is something I am used to. So I am now broadcasting live from I-70 and the Ohio state line. and spend my work days covering service calls from West of Indy to North and East of Columbus and South into KY.

As you can imagine their is lots of driving involved in my job thus lots of listening to radio with news and talk. Many of day while driving I work up  and flesh out a lot of ,in my mind, good posts about current events. Then I get busy working on something and it all flys away into the ether by the time I get home.

One great thing about moving here was it puts me within driving distance of that grand purveyor of gun knowledge TAM who I hope very much to be able to meet in the near future. Tam is one of small group of gun bloggers who I look to for information that I can trust and I have never had to take a break from reading due to her posting getting to intense or blind  to the world.

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