New High School Class Suggestion

I started a tongue in cheek post about getting the Government to pay us to exercise our 2nd amendment rights. In the process I made a comment about a high school elective that they need to offer.  After some thought this is a idea that I really think has merit.

The class I am talking about would be a complete elective but would count as credit toward graduation I would suggest maybe 1/2 PE and 1/2 civics. The class would have a segment on hand to hand self defense , I would suggest Krav Mag. There would be a segment on First Aid concentrating on Traumatic Injuries, CPR, Gunshot wounds, A segment on The legal aspects of self defense and lethal force. As a adjunct to this class Students would be offered the opportunity , but not required, to attend MAG-20 classes with the Massad Ayoob Group and attend any state required CCW class for free.  I am not exactly sure how I would split the class time but think that probably 3/4 of the year on Krav Mag with the last quarter being split between first aid and Legalities of Self Defense. The MAG 20 and CCW classes could be spread out through the year since they generally fall on weekends. I know the MAG 20 classes would be a stretch if all schools started offering these classes but state school boards could sponsor the classroom portion 2 or 3 times a year. I would even accept another intensive class if MAG 20 not available.

I honestly think this would be a excellent offering for our high school student to help them as they move into adult life.

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