On terrorism and Life, Liberty and Happiness

In light of recent events the question is asked how do you stop terrorism and other mass killings?

The short answer. You can’t.

Background checks for guns are not going to stop it. The Orlando shooter was investigate by the FBI twice. He was also background checked for his job and once again when he bought the guns.

Assuming the background check stops the gun sale, they can steal them like The Heath High School shooter, or have a friend do s straw purchase like San Bernardino, or take over a  plane and crash it into a skyscraper, or make a fertilizer bomb, or even with a knife like here or here, maybe even sarin gas.

The point I am trying to get across is atrocities are going to happen. Where ever there is a will there is a way.

So what can WE do? First and foremost  do not live in fear. Beyond that:

  1. Learn first aid and how to render basic trauma care to the wounded. Keep a good first aid kit and know how to improvise with what you have.
  2. Learn to be proactive about your safety.

A. Be aware of those around you and learn to evaluate in your own mind the risk they impose. Also learn to recognize the areas that have a higher probability of attack. That man at the grocery acting all weird and twitchy that makes you want to get away hey get away, get groceries later. The man in the heavy coat walking down street on a 90 degree day probably just strange but why risk it.

B.  Get a gun and learn how to use it, if you do not like guns learn to improvise a weapon. Did you know that most dry chemical fire extinguishers will shoot a fairly concentrated plume of powder about 20-25 foot minimum,  and barring a gas mask or filter the cloud is very disorienting , blinding and can temporarily incapacitate.  Fire hoses can distract and knock a person down.  What it comes down to is where ever you are keep in mind what would I , do if? What weapons do I have available? You and only you are responsible for your well being and safety.

C. Anywhere you are you should know the nearest exit to the outside and at least one back up exit, not just for attacks but also for fires.

D. The advice to shelter in place inside the same building as a attacker is rarely a good idea unless you have multiple avenues of exit from your place of shelter, otherwise it is a trap not a shelter.


So in parting live life, love life, enjoy.  Remaining aware and alert and trusting your spidey sense will lead to longer life.

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