Random thoughts on Guns and Defense.

  1. Having a gun is not a magic shield. If you ever have  to use your gun in self defense chances are you are going to get injured and maybe seriously, but that gun may mean the difference in life and death.
  2. Use of a gun in self defense will bring legal scrutiny and probably arrest and trial along with massive legal bills.
  3. If you are in a place that is under attack by someone hell bent on a massive body count, you should assume you are already dead so anything you do to defend yourself can only improve the outcome. Guns  can make that defense easier.
  4. No normal person wants to kill another.  Those that choose to carry a weapon do so as a tool of last resort, for when all other options fail. Really the possible downsides of using a gun in self defense are very bad sowhy would we make it our first option.
  5. Even if you choose to not to carry a gun, you would be well advised to educate yourself via classes and/online about the self defense mindset taught by many gun instructors. Learn to evaluate the environment and people surrounding you. It may save your life.
  6. There is a saying about the best thing to bring to a gunfight is a gun. I disagree, is best to not even bring yourself. If you have to go to the gunfight the best thing to have is your brain without that your gun not much help.
  7. The only way to end gun violence is to eliminate violent people before they get that way

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